“Tentacles” Special Exhibition Press Release

Journey to a world of undersea magicians, masters of disguise and quick-change artists. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s special exhibition Tentacles is the largest most diverse living exhibit ever created to showcase these amazing animals that have gripped the human imagination for thousands of years.

Over the life of the exhibit, visitors might see any of the two dozen species that will rotate through a dozen living exhibits, from giant Pacific octopus to Hawaiian bobtail squid, the wunderpus and others – including one of the world’s smallest squid and one of the world’s largest cuttlefishes. From time to time there are never-before-exhibited deep sea squid and octopuses collected in collaboration with the Aquarium’s sister organization, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

“These are all short-lived animals. Many are species that have never been exhibited for very long by any of our colleagues, or raised through their entire lifecycle. This is definitely a first for any aquarium,” said Jennifer Dreyer, special exhibits coordinator for the animal care team.

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