• “…one of the best Aquariums around!”
    — Nerdist
  • “Coolest Aquarium in the world.”
    — Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”
  • “Remarkable…As I watched the schools of fish slowly circling…I began to slip into the rhythm, the silence, of life under the surface of Monterey Bay, a deep and boundless home.”
    — New York Times
  • “As soon as you enter the Aquarium, the cathedral aura of the Kelp Forest, with sunlight streaming down from above, turns your head and pulls you over, bidding you to slow down and meditate on the majesty that lies hidden just offshore.”
    — National Geographic
  • “This Aquarium routinely makes history.”
    — National Geographic Traveler
  • “For my money, the best Aquarium in America.”
    — Keith Bellows, editor, National Geographic Traveler
  • “Amazing exhibits, fish large and small, fantastic corals, unbelievably beautiful jellyfish, sardines going around overhead. A thrill.”
    — TripAdvisor™ Travelers’ Choice® awards
  • “We dare you not to be mesmerized and enriched by this eco-conscious Aquarium.”
    — Lonely Planet
  • “One of the most enchanting Aquariums in the world.”
    Forbes Traveler
  • “Not only is it one of the premier organizations fighting to save our oceans from overfishing and pollution, it is also a haven for marine life lovers eager to gaze at playful otters, undulating jellyfish, waddling penguins, respect-inducing sharks—and faithful re-creations of local underwater habitats.”
    Los Angeles Times
  • “…arguably the greatest Aquarium in the world.”
    The Guardian
  • “Monterey Bay Aquarium is the most technically sophisticated—and perhaps the most esthetically successful—public Aquarium yet built.”
  • “…set a new bar in the art of showing off sea creatures to the public.”
    USA Today
  • “Stunning seems too meager an adjective...”
    Dallas Morning News
  • “…knock-your-socks-off marine exhibits.”
    Boston Globe
  • “A superstar…a perfect balance between education and entertainment.”
    — Copley News Service
  • “One of the world’s most impressive Aquariums”
    Financial Times of London
  • “Making the ordinary extraordinary is business as usual at the (Monterey Bay) Aquarium.”
    Chicago Sun-Times
  • “It won’t get you wet, but it will make your head swim.”
    Sacramento Bee
  • “Standing before the showpiece of the Outer Bay wing— the world’s largest window, opening onto a seemingly infinite water world swirling with tuna, barracuda, bonitos and sharks—I realize I’m confronting the newest Wonder of the World.”
    — American Airlines’ American Way
  • “As a habitual Aquarium-goer, I’ve seen my share of these institutions...The Monterey Bay Aquarium is, for me, the clear winner...Like all great Aquariums [it] offers not just an assemblage of fish but a passionate argument that the ocean is far more intricate and alive than you ever imagined it to be.”