New Penguin Joins the Aquarium Colony

Jan 15, 2016

Exhibits & Animals
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We’ve welcomed a new penguin on exhibit in the Splash Zone , and she’s a beauty!

Elizabeth (named after Port Elizabeth in South Africa) is seven years old, and came to us from the Knoxville Zoo. She is currently sporting the bright orange flipper ID band she came with from that zoo, but will soon trade up for a black name band worn by the rest of the female penguins. 

"Elizabeth is a sweet bird. She is very focused when it comes to feeding and learns new behaviors very quickly," Aviculturist Billy Hughes says.

Billy says that he's seen Elizabeth and Ohlone, another young penguin on exhibit, playing tag and chase on land and in water on exhibit -- something we hope to capture on film and share, at some point.

The penguins tend to be most active between daily feeding shows (which take place at 10:30 AM and 3 PM), and visitors can check out the action on our live penguin webcam

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