Outreach Program


The Seafood Watch Outreach Program raises public awareness about sustainable seafood issues through the printable guides, website, social media, mobile app and public events. Since 1999, the program has distributed more than 56 million consumer guides, the app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times and the program has reached millions more through public presentations, partners, the website and social media channels.

Public Outreach 

The Outreach Program focuses on individuals and families who make everyday decisions about seafood. By sharing Seafood Watch recommendations and informational resources, the Outreach program helps people protect the ocean through their seafood choices.

Conservation Partnerships 

Seafood Watch collaborates with zoos, aquariums, science museums, nature centers and other not-for-profit organizations that promote sustainable seafood by sharing Seafood Watch materials and messaging. Seafood Watch supplies educational tools, training resources and display materials to help each organization meet its own sustainability goals and provide its visitors and communities with information about the global sustainable seafood movement.  

Seafood Watch currently maintains more than 160 partnerships across the United States, Mexico, Canada and Bermuda. Partners engage in two outreach activities per year and also share Seafood Watch information on an ongoing basis: distributing Seafood Watch guides, promoting the Seafood Watch App, participating in community outreach events, in public programs/animal feeding shows, at special events, through exhibit graphics, by changing animal diets, in their onsite food service menus and by working with local businesses and restaurants. 

Example Partners 

A full partner list is available online at the Seafood Watch website.

Experts available for interviews

  • Ryan Bigelow, Outreach Program Manager
  • Karin Stratton, Conservation Partnership Manager