Aimee David, Director of Ocean Conservation Policy Strategies

Aimee David serves as the director of the ocean conservation policy strategies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Since joining the Aquarium in 2005, Aimee has helped develop and advance federal and state policies to improve ocean health and protect marine wildlife in California, at the national level, and throughout the Pacific Ocean. Specifically, Aimee has helped lead Aquarium initiatives to ban the trade of shark fin products in California, reduce ocean plastic pollution, and raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on oceans and coasts. She also helped create the Aquarium Conservation Partnership, which aims to increase the collective conservation impact of U.S. aquariums.

Prior to the Aquarium, Aimee served on the staff of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy in Washington, DC, where she participated in the research and development of a comprehensive suite of recommendations to the President and Congress for improving U.S. ocean governance and management. Aimee is a graduate of the University of Virginia and received her M.S. in marine resource management from Oregon State University.

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