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Monterey Bay Aquarium Executive Director Julie Packard Decries EPA Proposal to Roll Back National Fuel Economy Standards

Julie Packard, Executive Director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the Great Tide Pool at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Must credit:  ©Corey Arnold

Aug 02, 2018

Packard says Monterey Bay Aquarium supports the State of California's climate leadership.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Releases Free Kelp Forest Game and eBook

Jul 31, 2018

Designed to engage children ages 8-11 in marine science, The Kelp Forest: My Aquarium game and The Kelp Forest: A Young Explorer’s Guide eBook are available as free downloads.

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Statement: Trump Administration’s National Ocean Policy Puts Short-term Economic Gain Over Long-term Ocean Health

Southern sea otter on exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium. © Monterey Bay Aquarium

Jun 20, 2018

Monterey Bay Aquarium statement: Trump’s National Ocean Policy puts short-term economic gain over long-term ocean health.

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